Interior Design Services in Houston

Max Movers, Inc. provides unique interior design services to assist both our customers and Houston’s interior design community. We understand how important it is to see your vision of your home come alive. Interior design projects can be laborious, especially when it comes to the successful installation of furniture and various final pieces to your home.

Max Movers, Inc. offers a full-range of interior design industry related services to help alleviate the pressure of furniture delivery, inspection, and final installment to your home. We also work with both you and your interior designer to assist with space planning. Additionally, for furniture and custom pieces that are not ready to be delivered to your home, Max Movers, Inc. has a variety of storage options, including climate-controlled storage, to keep your furniture safe and secure until it is ready to be moved.

When ordering furniture and custom pieces, handling large shipments can increase the risk of damaged or misplaced pieces. Max Movers, Inc. can have your furniture shipped directly to our storage facility, where we will inspect your new furniture for any damages. If we do find damage, we notify you and your interior designer as well as handle the return and exchange of the item. As new pieces arrive, we’ll update your inventory so that the information is easily accessible to your interior designer for final installment preparations.

Upon final installment of your furniture and custom pieces to your home, Max Movers, Inc. will expertly deliver and place all items as directed. We will also take care of any leftover debris so that when everything is properly in order, all you have to worry about is living in your beautiful new home.

Our entire staff is willing and able to provide you and the interior design community with the professionalism and attention to detail that comes with our interior design services.

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